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    Indispensably reliable since 1938 


    Introduction of the UV-stable label


    UV-stabilised cable ducts and cable tray including accessories are now sold by plica.
    Introduction of new image Plicasso - "Everything, no art."plica develops an innovative AR app that revolutionises electrical installation. The company Siresca AG is founded and introduces the product to the market.


    plica is launching its new web shop. The popular Knipex and PB Swiss Tools are newly supplementing the plica range. plica is also newly selling the innovative Trelleborg cable feedthrough products in the D-A-CH region.


    Working lamps from manufacturer Scangrip are added to the plica range.


    Founding of plica Deutschland GmbH and takeover of sole representation of all cable gland products, including accessories, from SIB France.


    plica acquires Tespa Handels AG and integrates items such as plastic and aluminium signs, attachment materials, steel straps, and their tools into its range.


    Acquisition of Woodtli GmbH and integration of its products into the plica range.


    Acquisition of Marking Verdrahtungstechnik AG and integration of its industrial marking products into the plica range.


    Rohrfabrik Rüschlikon was integrated into janico Holding in Frauenfeld. The existing products fit outstandingly well into the range of plica AG (pliable conduits and accessories). plica has always been delivering anything connected to cables from a single source. It has always striven to develop its market position through its outstanding cooperation with wholesale and renowned industry partners.


    Founding of Rohrfabrik Rüschlikon. Pipes of all kinds were produced here for decades at the highest quality and precision, moving the company into the market leader's position. Production of the world's first pliable iron-steel armoured conduit was a special highlight!

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