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    Do you have a higher demand in products from the plica range? We will gladly make you an offer

    Procurement service

    If you cannot find what you are looking for on, we can usually still procure the items for you thanks to our very close contact with suppliers and manufacturers. There is barely an item from electrical engineering that we cannot procure.

    Direct order

    To be used if you already know your plica item no. and are looking to order quickly and easily.

    BOM-Tool (BOM import)

    The plica-BOM tool (bill-of-materials tool) enormously accelerates ordering of a list of known or new products. You only need the quantity and the plica item no. You don't know the plica item no.? No problem! Send us your reference. Our sales office will convert your items to the plica ones.

    Main features:

    • Upload your bill of materials with the plica BOM tool to put all items into your shopping cart at once.
    Shows whether the ordered quantity is in stock at plica.
    • You can save and edit your BOM file (bill-of-materials file) on the plica website in order to call it up again quickly and easily for your next order.

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