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    The self-explanatory UV labels from plica make product identification easier.

    Durable does not mean stable.  

    • Label for "UV stability 
    • Supplement with a number for long-term protection in years 
    • Sun and protection shown as picto 
    • Colour coding for longevity

    Solar offensive with solutions from plica

    At the beginning of December 2021, construction of the photovoltaic system on the roof of SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Stahlcenter AG (SCHMOBI) began. The so-called contracting model from the solar offensive of TBW (Technische Betriebe Wil/SG) was used for the first time for the project. This means that SCHMOBI makes its roof available and sells the photovoltaic system to TBW after completion. After an amortisation period of at least 15 years, the plant returns to SCHMOBI's ownership. With an output of around 850 kilowatt-peak (KwP), the photovoltaic plant will be one of the largest renewable energy production facilities in the canton of St. Gallen. The expected energy output of around 720,000 kilowatt hours per year is roughly equivalent to the electricity needs of 190 single-family homes. About 60 per cent of the energy produced will be used for self-consumption. The surplus energy will be fed into the power grid. In this way, SCHMOBI is assuming corporate responsibility for environmental protection and sustainability.Translated with (free version).

    The company Fuchs Solar from Hosenruck installed this new solar system on the roof of SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Stahlcenter AG. The outdoor area as a special challenge: UV radiation, wind, rain, heat and cold make conventional plastic pipes, cable trays or cable ties brittle and fragile over time. The safety and functionality of the respective installation is thus no longer guaranteed. Metal cable trays must be earthed and require a great deal of time. In addition, great care must be taken when cutting the cable trays because sharp burrs and chips are produced. Metal chips in particular can damage a flat roof and cause high repair costs. The solar modules are all connected together. The power cables must be efficiently attached to the modules and routed.

    Plastic cable tray perforated UV-resistant

    Our solutions are based on over 45 years of experience with outdoor installations under UV radiation. They are used to support, protect and guide power lines. Insulating material, eliminating the need for earthing. Mechanical safety, impact resistance and non-flame spreading. Easy and fast cutting and drilling without burrs. A total of 480 m of cable trays were laid.

    DUPLEX PP UV corrugated conduit

    The cables are first laid out and then protected with Plica's DUPLEX PP UV corrugated conduit. They offer a very high degree of flexibility with a medium-weight design. They are characterised by high mechanical resistance, are splash-proof and 2-part. They can be used for a wide range of applications such as solar and photovoltaic systems, cable protection (rodent protection) and where high chemical resistance is required. In addition, they have a very high UV resistance in our Central European climate.

    Cable ties with edge clip

    The cable ties with push-on anchor for fastening to plastic panels and metal sheet edges.The Plica clip is mainly used in the solar and photovoltaic industry and enables efficient fastening of the cables.

    ERIC Snap-Clips 8-9 mm

    The ERIC Snap-Clips are made of steel with a flange thickness of 2 to 4 mm. They simply hold the cables and plastic pipes to the flanges. Simply snap them into the solar modules by hand, then the cable can be easily pressed into the recess and is securely and quickly fixed. It couldn't be simpler.

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