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    Unex cable duct and cable tray

    Unex solutions isolantes 

    Unex, specialist and innovative manufacturer in insulating solutions 

    Independent European Group, specializing in insulating systems for conduction, tying, fixing and marking of cables and tubes, offering adequate solutions adapted to all market demands

    Unex raw material:  Own formulation

    A close contact with our clients together with our 50 years experience in the electrical sector and the participation in international regulatory committees, allow us to be able to discover the market needs and adjust to its requirements. Therefore, Unex designs its own raw materials. 

    First-class logistics

    We guarantee reliable delivery and immediate availability, assured by complete stock in our logistics centre and our world-wide distribution network..

    Insulating solutions for outdoor installations

    Insulation cable ladder 67 in U23X  

    Insulation cable ladder 67 in U23X 

    For the support and distribution of large-calibre power and communication cables• Manufactured in recyclable thermoplastic material; no earthing required.

    • Manufactured in recyclable thermoplastic material; no earthing required.
    • For indoor and outdoor installations.
    • Good performance outdoors and with exposure to UV rays.
    • Good resistance to corrosion and chemical environments.
    • Sturdy system designed to support full load with distances between supports of 2 and 3 m

    Insulation cable tray 66 in U23X 

    Insulation cable tray 66 in U23X  

    For support, protection and conduction of cables

    • Good performance outdoors and to corrosion due to over 40 years experience in outdoor installations.
    • Insulating material, providing electrical safety.
    • Designed to support full load.

    Trunking 73 in U23X 

    Trunking 73 in U23X 

    For distribution, with possibility to mount switches and sockets  

    • Suitable for cable distribution in outdoor applications.
    • Due to the trunking's 3 meters length, the installation is easier and faster.
    • External lid with possibility to make additional compartments by means of a divider.
    • Can be painted.

    Elements for tying, fixing and marking cables and conduits

    Unex cable tie for outdoor use

    Unex cable tie for outdoor use

    For tying of cables and conduits in indoor and outdoor installations. High tensile strength.

    Unex cable tie HD 

    New heavy duty cable tie for chemically aggressive environments. Insulating material, halogen free. Good results with exposure to acids. Cable ties for indoor and outdoor installations and UV resitant. 

    Examples of applications                

    Water Treatment 

    Chemical industry
    Waste treatment

    Video Water Treatment 

    Installations in Photovoltaic 

    Rooftop installations

    Installations on facades 

    Video Installations in Photovoltaic 

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